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Welcome to DuraFria, your source for authentic Duracool® supplies and parts.

Duracool® Refrigerants are guaranteed in writing that our refrigerants will not harm any part of your mobile air-conditioning system

Duracool® refrigerants provide consistently superior cooling capabilities and boasts all the qualities of a product that is not only safe and highly efficient but it is also NON OZONE-DEPLETING and NON GLOBAL-WARMING.

Duracool® 12a is marketed and sold as a replacement for ozone-depleting CFC R-12 Substitutes and global-warming HFC R-134a refrigerant.

Effective January 1, 2018, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring that the purchaser of this refrigerant
is in possession of an AC certification card (608 certification for HVAC) or a signed resale agreement if the purchaser is purchasing the
refrigerant for eventual resale.

If you are an end user, then you must show evidence that at least one technician within your company is properly certified.

If you are a wholesaler that sells refrigerant for resale you are legally responsible for ensuring that your customers fit into one of the categories of allowed purchasers under the sales restriction. Although the regulation does not specify precautions that wholesalers must take to verify the intent of individuals purchasing refrigerant, EPA recommends that wholesalers obtain a signed statement from the purchaser indicating that he or she is purchasing the refrigerant only for eventual resale to certified technicians.

Please forward the necessary info to Durafriotexas@yahoo.com

$195.95 per cyl, plus freight of our DuraFria AC-77